State & Private Violence

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A Case of Battered Justice: Theresa Cruz fighting Domestic Violence and State Violence
by Diana Block


This article is a story about Theresa Cruz, a woman who was sentenced to seven years to life after allegedly planning the murder of a man who had abused and stalked her for five years. Cruz’s case is reviewed and for a short period of time she is released, only to be placed back into prison two weeks later. Cruz’s experience is an example of what many battered women have had to face in challenging the law.

Fight for Clemency for Women in Prison for Defending Themselves Against an Abuser
by Michelle VanNatta and Margaret Byrne


The Illinois Clemency Project for Battered Women, was a project made up of prisoners, law students, lawyers, and feminists, who assisted imprisoned women with requesting and fighting for clemency within the state of Illinois.

Illegal Strip Searches at the Cook County Jail
by Tori Marlan


Marlan, a journalist for the Chicago Reader, investigates the recent successful lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff for conducting group strip searches of women in the Cook County Jail.