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A New York City correction officer was arrested and charged on Thursday with forcing a transgender inmate to engage in a sex act with him at a Manhattan jail.

Prison seems an odd place for a Boy Scout to be, but I've seen Scouts eager to walk through heavy doors. They were going to visit their mothers.

Queer pen pals offer trans prisoners a pledge in writing.

Though the use of antipsychotic drugs on children is believed to carry significant risks even when used properly to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it’s not uncommon in some states for juveniles in detention to be prescribed antipsychotics simply to counter mood disorders or aggressive behavior, according to an investigation by Youth Today, which covers the juvenile justice system and youth services.

Fifteen women  from Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW) in Chowchilla, CA will be recognized in an awards ceremony as recipients of the 2010 Cloke-Millen Peacemaker of the Year Award by the Southern California Mediation Association. This award is given to the person or persons who inspire others with their dedication to resolving conflicts peacefully. 

A new ACLU report presents the results of a yearlong investigation into modern-day "debtors' prisons," and shows that poor defendants are being jailed at increasingly alarming rates for failing to pay legal debts they can never hope to afford.

The region’s transportation network, the presence of organized crime and corruption, and pockets of deep poverty, high wealth and diverse immigrant communities all make the region prime territory for traffickers.  "It is quite prevalent," said Asha Vaghela, a deputy state attorney general in Trenton who leads the state’s anti-trafficking task force. "The positioning of the tri-state airports in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia make it a place that’s really ripe for cultivating victims of trafficking."

Staff at a Cheshire (UK) women’s prison say their pioneering work looking after new mums behind bars is helping to keep families together.